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Asagi Asagiri is a recurring minor character. She was rumored to be the new main character of an upcoming game titled Makai Wars, but the title had been indefinitely postponed; since then, she katışıksız become an unofficial mascot of Nippon Ichi, making cameo appearances in a number of games afterwards. Though her character design özgü stayed consistent in her appearances, her personality has changed considerably in each, appearing kakım a shy, naive girl, a stuckup, demanding girl, or anything in between, including something along the lines of insanity (which is always broadcasted with a Brooklyn accent).

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The terrorists kidnapped Asagi and company while Asagi is programming all Nalakuvera and brought them in a storage room. The man told Asagi to programmed the strong weapon they called "Nalakuvera", but she refused to do it, but the man told her that if she's hamiÅŸ able to do that the man will toast her friends, that's why she was forced to do it even though she doesn't want to.

Asagi and Sakura meet up with an orc, Pig, and then beat him up to get information. Pig speaks of the Chaos Arena, and the OFA’s involvement in such, before he is beaten unconscious by both Sakura and Asagi. The following day, the morning is spent plainly, though with Sakura getting out late before leaving for school. It sees no immediate return of Kyousuke, causing Asagi to ponder what he could be doing. Upon spending time in the dojo, Sakura quickly comes back with a letter for Asagi. The envelope is without name, but merely contains a strip of paper with the name “Oboro” written upon it. Asagi is surprised by the sudden appearance of Kyousuke, who in response to Asagi’s questions about his whereabouts presents an engagement ring.

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Ninja Arts: "Hawk Art" or "Falcon Ense" allows her to heighten her senses, speed and physical capabilities allowing her to move sixfold faster than uygun. It exhausts her greatly and cannot be used multiple times at once, though she mastered it more and more overtime.

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Then, Asagi took a picture of Kojou. Kojou was shocked and asked Asagi why she did that, Asagi said she wanted to. While Asagi was taking a picture of Kojou, Kojou took his smartphone and took a picture of Asagi and said that it is unfair that Asagi was only allowed to take his picture. Then, at the end of all of it, Asagi took a picture of both of them together.

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Asagi arrives home some time later, greeting Sakura. Sakura expresses desires to become Taimanin much like her sister, however Asagi is apprehensive about that wish.
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